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Try a working demonstration of how your clients view your sale items. Make a purchase and view the check out screens. We promise not to charge you !



You purchase a Shopping Cart item allowance in 500 item lots. You can then purchase additional lots as you shop grows.

Shopping Cart Features

  • Simple set-up and maintenance.
  • Multiple categories 
  • Automatically generated shop index.
  • System may be linked to our image proofing system for gift vouchers, deposits, or any direct sale items.
  • Automatically linked to our DIY templates.
  • May be easily linked to your existing website.
  • If used with our templates you never need to re-enter any items when changing website colours or style.
  • Hosting on our dedicated servers with the largest server provider in Europe.
  • No additional charge - just purchase your upload allowance and off you go.
  • Simple one step upload function - includes automatic re-sizing.
  • E-commerce facilities - Cr Card, Cheque or Paypal.
  • Enter descriptive text of you items and optional upload of PDF for more complex descriptions.
  • Single or multiple prices at item level.
  • Default price list for repetitive items to save entry time.
  • E-commerce automatically integrated.
  • Sell in Sterling, Euros, Dollars or any decimal based currency.
  • Ability to have different delivery charges for home and abroad at the category level.
  • Automatic e-mail notification for each new order.
  • Full customer order history available on-line for 2 year.
  • Powerful but very easy to use system administration.
  • Upload as many items as you like into a single category.
  • As much free support as you need.